Poem: Sadness

Sadness makes my heart ache                 

You see me laughing but it’s fake.         

She ask me, why am I crying.                        

I said that because of the movie,             

but I know she knows that I am lying.
You’re my strength.                                

You’re my weakness.                                    

All my life is into you,                                 

But you chose to leave.

I hate you for leaving by my side.                 

I don’t know where I can hide.                        

I love you that much,                                  

But you hurt me so much

I used to harm myself with that sharpen blade,  

For my feelings for you to fade.                    

I cry all day for you to comeback,            

but how can I do that if you don’t want to back.

It breaks my heart,                                      

and it’s breaking apart.                     

Sadness can break you apart, and           

can make you heart into depressing art.