This Time ~part 2~

Yey!! Jgh(just got home) so? Let’s start my thoughts, I mean a short story of what i’ve watched! And For what I’ve learned on that Movie!☺️

Their was a kid name Avah, On the store! What they called “Ate Bi’s sari sari store”? Sorry i forgot! But yeah! Hahaha, so Avah, i mean she said that every of what she got an ice cream she’s always guessing of what she will get! And she’s always wishing after that, example is to have a cellphone! And etc.

And their’s a boy named summer boy! Ay este Coby a.k.a summer boy! Hahahaha xD then when he saw Avah for what her doing, he laughed so hard and said “you’re so silly” then Avah cried so hard and we laughed because of their cuteness 😂😂 then yeah on the park they see each other again and when coby see avah on the swings with her friends, coby winked on avah then avah smiled and vanished her smile away and she said to her friends that coby was the one who maked laughed about what avah do and yeah Avah’s friend stood up from its swing and she glaired to coby, and avah said that its okay coby will be have a bad luck! Then yeah coby fell from where he was seated then his yaya came to him, then yeah

Coby was buying an ice cream then he do what avah does, then exactly Avah will buy too then she caught coby, the she said, i thought it was silly! Then coby answered…(sorry i forgot what he said, hehe) then Avah get an ice cream too, then coby invited her to play on the park then Avah was very excited, then when they will go to the the park, ate bi stop them because they have not been paid, then they laugh then they gave the money then they go away already! Lmao😂

Then yeah until now? They are been bestfriend, then everyone was asking of what label are they? Avah said always that its complicated then yeah
Okay i will fastforwarded it already because i lost what I say..

Coby ask Avah and their friends to come with them for family outing! At first they thought that Avah was the one whose invited then they said Avah’s parents will not allowed Avah to come with coby, then yeah when coby said it was a family outing they said that Avah was allowed! Hahahahah crazy!😂

Then yeah at the resort they talk something and do what they will have to do

Then when coby and his grandpa will go to japan? Sorry i forgot hihi✌🏻️😂 then avah was sad because coby was leaving her already, not leaving as in.. Aishh its hard to explain😭☺️✌🏻️


Avah was have a chance to go to japan because of the prize? I mean its a price for what she do, then yeah

At the japan Avah go to Were Coby is, then yeah they talk, then yeah avah was going to what she have to go..
Then after that they are not talking and its weird! Coby said to his mind that why avah pushing him away? Then yeah


They are finding ofelia? A special friend of coby’s grandpa then yeah when they find her coby’s grandpa was so happy
Fast forward!

There on the? Its like a park there! Its beautiful! Hihi
Coby’s grandpa and ofelia was talking away from avah and coby until they was dancing then coby stood up then he will dance avah too! Then yeah

Until coby said that he wants avah to be his girl then he puts a ring on avah’s finger then Avah was crying in joy! She was happy! Atlast they have a label, a label what she wants

Fastforward 😂

After 3 days Avah go back home (philippines) she gave her packages to her family then she said that she and coby was in a relationship now, they are shock but they are happy! Because atlast!!


Then yeah, until aldrian? I dont know what its name and he upload a pic! Avah and him the the caption is Me and my Girlfriend #meetthefamily, then yeah avah was so mad until aldrian explain that he was a gay and his father will get mad at him if they know about it, then yeah avah accepted it

Then when Coby see that picture i think he was jealous! (Ofcourse he is!) then he called Avah then they talk about it the ended the call then avah said that coby was mad, then yeah


Avah was have a? What they called? Haha i dunno, but its like museum or what ever then yeah aldrian and avah talk about the Me and my girlfriend thingy! Then yeah when aldrian’s parents was coming! He pull avah towards him,😂 then Coby was there too but he see the hugging on avah’s waist then avah see coby, then coby go away then avah said wait a minute? Then she followed coby outside! Explaining everything but coby doesn’t believed avah, cause of what he saw! Then when aldrian followed them too then he was going to explain but coby punched him so hard! Then avah helped aldrian then coby go away, then yeah

Avah was going to see ate Bi, but ate Bi was going to closed his store because they where losing a buyers because of many store build? Then ate bi see a rose! Then he ay este she saw ah letter from her?? BOYFRIEND! Then yeah ate Bi cried, but wait i forgot to tell that coby was there too, but avah doesn’t notice it, then yeah coby and avah go to ate Bi then a man i mean her boyfriend came and said that he was come and to be with ate bi forever! (Wait? Their’s no forever except god? But it was called a forever? Aish! Its Complicated)

Ate bi said to coby and avah, that when they will get back together? Because she was wittness about their relationship, from a nobody and to a friendship to a lovers then yeah


Coby said that he’s their to say that he understand now! He understand that aldrian is gay..


Until Coby said that he will go back to japan for his grandpa, then avah said he will left her again? Then coby said what avah wants! Then avah said she wants that coby to stay, but coby answered a no, then avah left coby there sitting and avah was crying!

Fastforward!!( this is the last!😂)

Avah was standing in front of what she paint? Waaahhh!! I dunno!😂 then coby walked to stand infront of like avah do! Then avah opened her eyes! Hihi cause her eyes was closed! Thinking for what she gonna paint! Then she asked coby what is he doing here? Then coby anwered “stay” then yeahh!!! 

They was so happy!! They was playing all the paints to their body!!

The End!!

Just joking! Haha! So now! I will share what would I’ve learned to them!
I learned that even though that they are far from each other i mean like ldr? Then coby was there but only during the summer, but even though if its like that! Their friendship was getting stronger! So yeah!

Sorry for the lame sharing! Lmao😂Anyway for what i’ve learned is about their friendship in the beginning thingy! I do hate in relationship! Hahhaa xD! Just joking!😂👊🏻

Okay! Thanks for reading anyway! I hope you like it! Hihi lovelots ☺️