Elementary Crushes

When I’m young (Grade 2) i have a crush, haha, but i mean until i watch a tv, he’s so handsome, as in omg!! He’s an artist, (by the way I don’t have a crush on school since birth, haha) i like this guy, but he’s a korean artist, He’s name was Lee min ho, When the time i watch ahmm The Heirs movie? Sorry i’m not sure but, when i watch it, and first time to see him in the tv, as in omg, i like him agad  haha (sorry conyo much) but when I become Grade 3, I don’t have a crush on him, cause i have a new crush, and for me he’s so handsome, i mean, at first they say, if you see him he’s like mayabang, bad boy, o ano but when i meet him, i mean when i see him in the tv, haha sorry i didnt say that he’s an artist, ahhmm he’s name was Daniel John Ford Padilla, haha full name talaga?? Haha dejk, but when i watch their movie of Kathryn Bernardo it’s so nakakakilig haha, back to the topic i have a crush on him, until now, (Grade 6) i’m still inlove with him, whahaha joke feelingera ko masyado, but parang lalo akong nag kakagusto sa kanya, when i watch a tv their movie of kathryn or should i say not movie cause that is a telenovelas, haha, lagi akong kinikilig, waaaaaaaaahhhh, ahhmm, when people, or SOME of my CLASSMATE said that “hndi naman gawapo yun eh” nyenye, nakakasakit kaya sila, ako kapag wala sila, I always cry because of her/him because of what they say, haha okay bye! Masyado na pong private yung iba, hahah chos!!

Thanks for reading

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