DEAL with the HATER’S


You know what?, I’m not an artist, I’m just a fangirl, but Do you know that IT HURTS ME WHEN SOMEONE SAYING A HATE COMMENTS TO MY IDOL?, It is RIGHT TO SAY A NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON MY IDOL INFRONT OF ME?, you know that I’m a fangirl, but I HOPE that you all know WHAT I FEEL if you say a NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON MY IDOL’S!!, sometimes i cried because of your HATE COMMENTS to my idol. You don’t know how HARD for them to WORK as an artist, all their fans, they are their strong, but if they read your hate comments for them, they think that their weak. I ask myself, why I love them, I LOVE THEM JUST NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME FACES, I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEIR GOOD IN INSIDE!, I ALSO ASK myself that why of some people hate my idols, everyday i ask why you have to say a HATE COMMENTS to them. If YOUR NOT A FAN, can you please shut your fvcking mouth, if you don’t have to say a GOOD things to my idol, better you SHUT UP!!

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