Being a Fangirl


Being a fangirl you must know all about him, but not his/her privacy, because their privacy is important.

Being a fangirl want’s to go to her/his Mallshows, Concert, Road tour, and etc. But me I’m always in our house 😦  sad to say that every Concert, Mallshows, road tour, I’m not attending either I want to, because my parents don’t allow me 😦

Yesterday in Ayala Fairview Terraces, Pangako’ Sayo cast have their Thanksgiving prod., My Idol’s are their, especially Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo but I can’t came, because my parents don’t allow me, life sucks.

Being a fangirl, before you make it, you must have the permission of your parents, and I hate it, because they always say no to me. That’s my happiness and they cannot understand me, Why?, because for my health, or something..

Geez, I hate it, they are always negative

I’m A KathNiel fan, also JaDine

I have a qoute in being a KathNiel fan:

“Being a KathNiel fan is not my choice, It’s my Heart’s decision”

In JaDine, sorry I have no qoute, but I’ll think of some.

Thank you for reading


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