Missing Someone


Geezz, I miss you, I really miss you, I wish you were here, but I think that will never happened again because you were gone. I Miss you, I wish your alive, I wish that you don’t left me, I wish that I’m their on your side before you left us, especially me, because it is really hurt me, that you left me without a permission, I know that your tired, and God took you to him by his side for you to not get hurt everyday. But how about me, why you left me? before you died, the night we called to you that I said “Wait for me, I’ll come, we will come”, but when it is 4:45 am, tito called and tell that your gone, at first I think that it is a joke, but when my mom cried, It like the earth stop for me, I’m shock, and I don’t know what will I react.

When we got arrive at the hospital, we go to your room, a-and y-your
gone, your not in the hospital bed, and they bought you to the morgue, we don’t visit you at the morgue because mama and papa said that we are not allowed there. And there is so many dead will you see. Then, we don’t visit you, either I want to.

When they brought you to my tita’s house, you were inside your coffin, and me I’m seating on the couch, while I’m looking at your coffin strait as in their is no people around you, While I’m looking to you I can’t stop crying.

All the memories of ours are being flashback to me, when the day that my mom wants to hurt me because I do something wrong, I’m always running out and to hide to your back, and you always protect me, even my mom want’s to hurt me, your their and ready to protect me, and the second one is, when I’m still on the outside, playing, your always there to see me if I’m okay, and you don’t go to our house without I’m not with you, I love you And I Miss you!!

When the day that they burried you I’m the one or last one crying, and when I’ll go back to my Auntie’s house, I’m just looking straight and not talking, because I think that you are not dead, and everything.

In the school sometimes, but everyday I cried because I remembered you, all the pain on my heart still not heal.

I MISS YOU!!plss comeback for me, in my dreams 😦



4 thoughts on “Missing Someone

  1. johannapie says:

    How sad 😥 I know that feeling. But first of all say nice words. Since its your 2nd blog, you should try, just try to avoid saying inappropriate words. Just try to imagine if your grandma reads this, she’ll be hurt, right? Her most precious granddaughter saying words that not good for everyone’s ear. I’m not here to make you sad or angry. I’m also not angry, for you to know. Look, if you keep mourning everyday and every night, your grandmother will worry to you. Think that she always think of you, guiding you in your everyday life. Think that she also don’t want to just left you like that. It’s not her choice. Think that she also want to hold your lovely hands and guide you until you grow up. Don’t let your life be ruined for just the death of your grandma. Accept it. It happened already. Just pray for her every night before you go to sleep, like what I am doing every night. Say I love you to her, and show her that she will proud of you someday. 😊 Don’t be sad

  2. imdestinysnow says:

    Yeah, sorry for the word, you know me when I mad, I say something bad, but sorry for the word, I’ll edit it, and erase my inappropriate words.

    Haha, that’s rhyme!!😂😂

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