Get to Know Me


Welcome to my blog! By the way, my real name is lheanne, but I prefer to be called Destiny Snow, or Snow (cause I like snow❄❄⛄⛄) I’m a new blogger. Sorry if my blogs don’t entertain you much, I’m just a newbie. Here are some infos to get  to know me more.


Loveteam: KathNiel & Jadine

Cartoon character: BATMAN!!!

Color: Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, L. Blue, Mint Green

Book: Wattpad

Movie: All KathNiel & JaDine Movies

Subject: Lunch (sleepy)

Crush: Daniel Padilla, James Reid

Basketball Player: Stephen Curry

Ice cream: Cookies And Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla, Sans Rival
( Me & Hanna N., Have the same fave. ice cream: Sans Rival 🍦)

Thank you for reading!!



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